York PA Affordable Eye Exam

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Affordable eye testing for children in York PA

York PA affordable eye exam

York PA affordable eye exam

If you are looking for an excellent vision practice that can provide your child with affordable eye testing, you should come to our office, Christianne Schoedel M.D. where your child can receive a York PA affordable eye exam.

At our office, our expert eye doctor, Dr. Christianne Schoedel, specializes in pediatric ophthalmology and adult strabismus. Our eye exams are kid-friendly, and we offer medical and surgical eye care for even our youngest patients. We know how important it is for everyone to have the eye care that they need, and for this reason we offer affordable eye testing for children and adults. Whether your child needs to have an eye exam, or treatment of a vision problem resulting from injury or disease, these services can be found at our practice. It is important that eye problems are found as soon as possible; this will make it most likely that the vision problem can be successfully and completely treated. Our York PA affordable eye exam will help ensure that your child’s visual system is developing properly. During our eye exam, your child will have a visual acuity test, as well as have their eyes screened for eye tracking and eye focusing. Vision problems such as nearsightedness, farsightedness, amblyopia, crossed eyes, and colorblindness will be found, if present. Strabismus is a common eye muscle disorder often found in children. When it occurs there is a misalignment or wandering of one or both eyes either in an inward, outward, or up or down movement. Sometimes this condition is constant, or parents may only notice it occasionally when their child is tired, or is looking at something close up. Amblyopia is commonly referred to as lazy eye, and is a problem of decreased vision that develops from abnormal visual development. It is important that this problem is treated early to prevent permanent vision loss.

For an appointment to see our eye doctor for a York PA affordable eye exam, contact us today.

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