Eye Specialist in Hershey

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Comprehensive eye exams in Hershey

Eye specialist in Hershey

Eye specialist in Hershey

The first thought that usually comes to mind when people think about eye exams is getting evaluated for prescription eyeglasses. However, there are many other reasons to get an annual eye exam. Everyone should see an eye specialist in Hershey, like our expert, Christianne Schoedel M.D., for comprehensive eye exam even if there are no vision problems.

A comprehensive eye examination is a very important tool that our eye specialist in Hershey, Dr. Schoedel uses to get a clear picture of our patients’ overall eye health and wellness. While checking for refractive errors and determining if prescription eyeglasses are needed is portion of the exam, there is much more to it. A patient can have no noticeable vision problems and can still have a very serious eye disease or condition. There are several serious eye diseases and conditions that present with no noticeable signs or symptoms in the beginning stages. However, these eye disease and conditions can be detected during a comprehensive eye exam. Getting annual exams allows for early diagnosis and treatment. This allows for the best treatment options and possible outcomes. You’ll be in good hands when you come to our practice. We have an exceptional eye doctor on staff. Dr. Schoedel is an outstanding eye doctor with wonderful credentials. She specializes in pediatric ophthalmology and adult strabismus. Because of her expertise, our practice is able to offer our patients the following services: blocked tear ducts, eye muscle disorders-strabismus, the diagnosis and treatment of amblyopia, juvenile rheumatoid arthritis, cataracts, retinal disease, Chalazia, diabetic eye exams and pediatric eye exams and eye care. We recommend that you book a consult to learn more about our exceptional eye care services.

Contact our office to book your annual eye exam with our expert eye specialist in Hershey today. One of our pleasant staff members will gladly assist you.

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