Grantley Eye Drops

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Pediatric eye doctor in Grantley

Grantley eye drops

Grantley eye drops

If you are looking for an expert eye doctor who can provide excellent pediatric eye care for your child, you should visit us at our pediatric vision practice, Christianne Schoedel M.D. At our office, your child will be able to have a comprehensive vision exam. Sometimes you may need to give your child Grantley eye drops in order to help treat a certain eye condition.

At our pediatric vision practice, we offer kid-friendly eye exams, as well as medical and surgical treatment when needed. If you need to give your child Grantley eye drops, it is important that this is done with care. When eye drops are placed into the eye, but accidentally flow onto the skin and nose, these eye drops can be absorbed as well, and can influence absorption rates. When your child is receiving eye drops, it is recommended that you only provide your child with a single drop of medicine at a time. This will help to ensure that your child receives the proper dosage. If your child does not want to receive the eye drops and is being uncooperative, it is best to gently immobilize the child so that you can place a single drop at a time in the eye. Our eye doctor can also show you how to also administer eye drops by placing one or two drops on the closed eye while the patient is lying down. If excess medicine flows onto the face, it should be immediately cleaned from the face so it is not absorbed as well. There are many different types of vision problems that your child may need to receive eye drops for. At our vision practice, we will make sure that you are instructed with the proper technique of how to correctly administer eye drops to your child.

For an appointment for your child to be seen by our top notch eye doctor, and to learn about proper ways to provide your child was Grantley eye drops, call our office today.

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