Urgent Eye Doctor in York

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Kids Emergency Eye Care in York

Urgent Eye Doctor in York

Urgent Eye Doctor in York

Kids emergency eye care is important and needs to be handled right away. Our urgent eye doctor in York can help you and your child get the care they need, immediately. Emergency eye care is necessary if your child has suffered an injury or loss of vision. Eye injuries should be treated quickly and as soon as possible to avoid problems with eyes and vision in the future. Call the offices of Christianne Schoedel, M.D. for more information.

Some of our eye care services include pediatric eye exams, treatment for eye muscle disorders such as strabismus, and treatment for blocked tear ducts. Our eye exams are designed to make sure your child’s eyes are functioning properly, and to aid their vision with the use of corrective lenses if needed. It’s highly important that kids have functioning eyes, because if not, they may begin to have problems in school, with learning and with playing sports. Our exams check for visual acuity, focusing skills, and tracking of the eye. Common eye problems found during an eye care check are near and farsightedness, crossed eyes and dyslexia. Our urgent eye doctor in York is also open during business hours all week in case your child has suffered an eye emergency.

Most patients that come in to see our urgent eye doctor in York have had either an eye injury or loss of vision. Sudden loss of vision is considered an eye emergency, and should be handled accordingly. Sometimes blocked tear ducts can be a problem. If the tear duct hasn’t formed properly in a child, it can cause a blockage. Infants usually do not produce tears until they are a few weeks old. This problem can be found at birth, or when the baby cries in cold or windy weather, due to the stimulation of tears.


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