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Comprehensive Eye Exams in York

When treating your children for conditions such as amblyopia (lazy eye), we give exceptional care at Christianne Schoedel, MD in our friendly, relaxed atmosphere. When there is a health issue with your children, we know you want the most qualified medical professionals available. Our York eye doctor, Christianne Schoedel, MD, prides himself on restoring, enhancing, and preserving the vision of your entire family. Offering a stress and anxiety-free environment, our compassionate staff is expertly trained to handle all pediatric vision issues gently and patiently.

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In order to examine amblyopia, special techniques using mirrors have been developed that don’t place anything close to your child’s face. This considerate approach, and others like it, keep you and your children as comfortable and relaxed as possible. With another condition, strabismus, there is a misalignment caused when one or more of the six muscles that controls your child’s eyes stop working properly. Our York eye doctor explains that this condition prevents your child’s eyes from working together, first causing vision impairment, improper depth perception, or double vision. Statistics show that strabismus occurs in two to five percent of all children and can cause vision loss in one eye, then yields to amblyopia if the base cause is not treated as early in childhood as possible.

With little to no discomfort, our York eye doctor uses new techniques that makes diagnosing amblyopia much easier. There have been some remarkable advances in diagnosing amblyopia, including the latest computer-based test of depth perception that can be used with children as young as four months old. Stereo vision and depth perception testing is important in detecting diseases such as amblyopia and strabismus. There are many stereovision/depth perception tests on the market today, some geared especially for children and their special needs. Many of these tests have your child identifying the “raised” letter, shape or animal, in order to measure depth perception, helping to identify if your child’s eyes are working together properly. With your child’s best eye health and comfort in mind, our York eye doctor uses the most up-to-date technology to help put your mind at ease.

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