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Strabismus treatment York

York ophthalmology practiceAmong the various reasons you may be seeking a pediatric ophthalmologist are your child’s eye muscle disorder or strabismus, blocked tear ducts, juvenile rheumatoid arthritis and a myriad of conditions which may also impact visual acuity. Christianne Schoedel M.D. has been leading the premier York ophthalmology practice for over 17 years by providing comprehensive pediatric eye exams as well as personalized eye care for your entire family. Dr. Schodel performs all aspects of eye care with an exceptional blend of utilizing sophisticated equipment, conducting all phases of treatment with compassion and ensuring her patients and their families fully understand their diagnosis and course of action options.

One aspect of pediatric eye care Chrstianne Schoedel M.D. offers at her York ophthalmology practice is the treatment of strabismus. Strabismus is an eye condition which does not allow both eyes to look toward the same object together. The six different muscles cannot coordinate to allow the eyes to focus on the same target, but instead one will turn in as different direction. As a result, the brain tries to identify and distinguish two separate images and may cause the signal received from one eye to become weaker and ignored. Additionally, strabismus can cause one eye to squint when exposed to bright sunlight and depth perception may be impacted. Dr. Schoedel will conduct various testing including corneal light reflex, retinal exam as well as standard ophthalmic and visual acuity examinations. Once strabismus is identified, treatment may vary from eye coordination exercises to the use of a patch, eyeglasses or surgery.

Each patient’s needs and concerns are unique, therefore the York ophthalmology practice of Christianne Schoedel M.D. allows time during your child’s pediatric eye exam for not only a thorough examination, but to provide you with the opportunity to participate in a two-way conversation in order to acquire all of the information you need for your child’s condition and treatment. The first step is to reach out to one of our friendly and knowledgeable professionals to schedule your convenient appointment. We can also assist you with many new patient concerns including participating insurance providers and additional eye care services we offer. We look forward to meeting with you and the members of your family to safeguard the health and function of your eyes.

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