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Blocked tear ducts in York PA

York PA Optometrist

York PA Optometrist

Blocked tear ducts is a problem that can develop at any age, but it is most common in babies. And it’s not all that rare. About 6% of newborns suffer with this condition. Fortunately, our York PA eye doctor, Christianne Schoedel M.D., can diagnose, assess, and treat it.

One of the most normal functions is that your eyes produce fluid that circulates throughout the eyes and then drains. This is going on all the time, and it’s what keeps your eyes clean and from drying out. But with blocked tear ducts, what happens is that the fluid is blocked from draining by the closed duct. Fluid then builds up, and what follows is typically swelling, inflammation, and possibly infection. The good news is that in many cases, the problem resolves on its own, without medical intervention. There is not long term impact on your child’s vision or eye health as a result of it. The reason for this condition can be heredity, since it tends to have a family connection. If you notice that your baby is experiencing heavy tearing, a white or yellowish substance in the corner of one or both eyes, eyelids sticking together, or redness or swelling around the eye or nose, you should bring her or him in for a checkup with our York PA eye doctor. As scary as it might be for you as the parent, and uncomfortable for your baby, treatment is not generally needed, though antibiotics might be prescribed if an infection is present. If the duct does not open up on its own in a timely fashion, a probing may be done to open it. This is successful in most instances, but if not, then surgery may have to be done. This is not something that happens often, however.

If your baby is showing indications of a possible blocked tear duct, there is no need to panic. But do call our office and arrange an appointment with our York PA eye doctor.

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