Pediatric Eye Doctor in Hershey PA

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Juvenile Rheumatoid Arthritis in Hershey PA


Pediatric Eye Doctor in Hershey PA

Pediatric Eye Doctor in Hershey PA

We at the office of Christianne Schoedel M.D. are committed to ensuring that your child is experiencing the highest level of eye wellness and vision of which she or he is capable. That means diagnosing, evaluating, and treating common ailments and conditions that may affect children’s eyes. Our pediatric eye doctor in Hershey PA addresses the impact that juvenile rheumatoid arthritis can have on his or her ocular wellness.

Most often, rheumatoid arthritis is associated with older adults. But this autoimmune disorder can affect those of any age, even children. Mostly, it causes joint problems, but it can also threaten your child’s eyes. Juvenile rheumatoid arthritis is more common than many people realize, with about 50,000 such cases in the U.S. Alone. The reason it develops is that your child’s immune system attacks the healthy joint tissue instead of the usual pathogens that it is supposed to address. The reasons why this disorder develops are unclear, but it leads to inflammation that may or may not interfere with your child’s ability to see properly. At least as often if not more, though, it is the side-effects of medication used to treat juvenile rheumatoid arthritis that result in possible harm to the eyes. If your child is experiencing any eye inflammation, you should bring her or him in for an examination by our pediatric eye doctor in Hershey PA. In fact, it is advisable to bring your child in regularly for checkups regardless of whether there are any noticeable symptoms or not. It’s a reasonable precautionary measure to take when juvenile rheumatoid arthritis is present.

With our pediatric eye doctor in Hershey PA, your child is getting top medical care for the possible effects of both the disease and the impact of the medications for it. Give yourself that peace of mind. Contact our office right now to arrange an appointment.


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